For the Hope of Getting a Big Tech Job

Working with a company like Google or Apple is considered the best crown to a life of hard work, discipline, focus and dedication. Such achievement will make your friends/family salute and hail you, your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter shares will top the aggregate of your life post multiple times over.

It is a beautiful achievement if you are smart, they actually ‘hunt’ for the really smart! They will find you if you are the best there is.

What is sometimes scary is — with the huge salary comes a huge price: If you hope to get a job with any of the big tech companies, so they can pay you that ‘huge’ salary — then, expect them to own your life as well.

What makes things worse is that once your contract is over, which it always eventually will, and you move on, only a few coworkers will remember you and your achievements and the boundaries you pushed.

A path less follow look often like this —

A. Can you see a real-world problem you feel should be solved? Then try creating a product

B. Do you want to solve a specific problem in a very unique way? Then you can create an app

C. Are you excellent at teaching? Create a course

D. Are you good at writing? Start blogging or write a book

In the long run, you’ll develop multiple income streams that will give you not only the financial stability but the freedom you deserve.

Of course, in the beginning, you’ll work more and make less, but as you grow, you’ll start working less and making more — and perhaps even fly the same private jet with the executives of those companies you admired.

The undeniable Truth from life is we can't always all follow the same path — we must find our path!

Some will work with a big tech(s), some will create a new big tech, some will sell to big tech(s) and some will just be sad to have not ventured.

Good luck finding your path, and to your success in the pursuit of happiness.



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